Project Brief
Background: Tetley is a market giant when it comes to tea, every week they buy one million kilos of tea and have been around since 1837. But looking on the shelves, they seem to blend in with every other kind of tea there is. Muted or white tones with light background all portraying pretty much the same kind of idea. The design challenge is to get something that really stands out from the other brands and other lines Tetley has.
Challenge: Creating a tea that not only stands out from other brands on the shelf but also creating something fresh and different from Tetley’s other tea lines.
Target Market & Audience: Tea drinkers, middle-aged people aimed around 30s to 40s.
Solution: A concept that can connect dreaming with tea. The tea embraces the infusion of camomile and lemon with a yin and yang aspect of two parts of the same whole. Ying and yang are seen as an equilibrium of wholeness, bringing peace and relaxation. In the same manner, the tea is supposed to bring you wholeness and peace to relax. Purposefully designed with a dark, bolder background and white glowing aura, this tea was designed to stand out on the shelves. 
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